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 xia wang.

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Date d'inscription : 29/11/2017
Messages : 213
Stellar ($) : 128
Pseudo : wdl, kass.
Avatar : giza lagarce. la plus belle.
multi : (mélia whiteley) la douceur.
Réputation : 11
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( n e b u l a )
☾  aesthetic bullshits – ⊱ sorry mario, the princess is in another castle. ⊱ everyone knows i’m a beautiful mess. ⊱ she needed a hero, so that’s what she became. ⊱ females are strong as hell. ⊱ ((ivory girl, marble heart)). ⊱ studies show that no one cares about your diddly damn opinion. ⊱ kneel before me. ⊱  allergic to bullshit. ⊱ girls can be heroes too. ⊱ please do not touch. ⊱ bad choices makes good stories. ⊱ you only live once. ⊱ she’s thunderstorms ⊱ not today satan. ⊱ don’t lose your fire. ⊱ 11:11. ⊱ don’t do that to yourself. ⊱ i’m not sorry mother. ⊱ only fools fall for you. ⊱ ((wild at heart)). ⊱ beauty may be dangerous but intelligence is lethal. ⊱ fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, you’re dead. ⊱ lion-hearted girl. ⊱ she believed she could, so she did. ⊱ feelings are. 404 not found. ⊱ sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. ⊱ some hearts understand each other even in silence. ⊱ real queens fix each other crown. ⊱ call me babygirl. ⊱ you burn me. ⊱ crawling back to you. ⊱ veni, vidi, amavi. ⊱ I WANNA BE YOURS. ⊱ sometimes quiet is violet.  ⊱ bad habits. ⊱  red lips, dark thoughts. ⊱ life is boring.  ⊱  rip out his ego with your fresh nails. ⊱ i’m the designer of my own catastrophy. ⊱ pretty, mean & super violent. ⊱  play dirty. ⊱ clever as the devil and twice as pretty. ⊱ she's got a fire inside, but her heart is cold.

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MessageSujet: xia wang.   13.02.18 18:27

mois de février.
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xia wang.
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